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Full Site Editing

Full Site Editing – everyone’s talking about it! But what is it exactly? In reality, it’s a fundamentally new approach to WP and pretty much everyone in the space is grappling with it. so don’t feel bad if you’ve found the changes confusing.

FSE Defined

Here’s how it’s defined in the core developer documentation:

At the highest level, the vision of Full Site Editing is to provide a collection of features that bring the familiar experience and extendability of blocks to all parts of your site rather than just post and pages. You can think of Full Site Editing as the umbrella project name for various sub-projects within Gutenberg that make this vision possible. Projects under Full Site Editing (FSE) include everything from the Site Editor, Global Styles, numerous Site/Post/Page specific blocks, Query block, Navigation block, Templates, and block themes. What follows are brief descriptions of the major pieces . . more details here :

WordPress Core – Official Documentation

Yoast Walkthrough

Here’s a recent article from the wonderful and ubiquitous Yoast which is extremely helpful, especially if you like screenshots to work from.

Free Tutorial

I found a great site that has a free tutorial for WordPress 5.9 – take a look.

The site also has a selection of new FSE Block Themes as well as two free courses for both developers & creators for more in depth understanding.

Hostinger Help

Hostinger have a great help page on the subject of Full Site Editing and the 5.9 changes as well. If you’re like me, you’ll have to approach this from a few different angles before it starts to make sense.

WordPress 5.9: A Deep Look Into Full Site Editing

Kadence & 5.9

Here’s another video about what Full Site Editing is. He covers Kadence blocks too, which I’ll get to next.

Block Based

I’m starting to get a deeper feeling for blocks and the block-based approach in my workflow, and have just rebuilt one of my other sites in this way – it’s another custom version of the new 2022 (like this site is) but without any extra CSS like this site has (being a child theme of 2022). If I wanted to add new fonts to that site, I would have to make a child theme and add the CSS.

Block To The Future

When you look at the native setup right out of the box, the blocks we have to choose from are a bit limited, as covered in the video above. As time goes on I’m sure there will be more available. Happily, there’s a free plugin for that.

Kadence Gutenberg Block Plugin

I haven’t used Kadence as a theme yet, but I saw that they had developed their own nice-looking blocks, and it turns out that by just using their plugin alone, you get a whole new selection of blocks – which begin to make the block setup much more powerful, and looking more like, say, Elementor. I’ve only just installed it, but I’m looking forward to testing it out.

Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks

Here’s what you get access to – lots of new blocks! I’m really looking forward to testing all these out.

You also get a load of free patterns as well.

Kadence Layouts

Museum Of Block Art

Here’s another way to take a look at blocks – explore all these pieces made using the block editor – maybe find some inspiration!


Check this Mondrian inspired piece – great stuff!

Block Composition – Made by Mel Choyce-Dwan


Lastly, I want to mention this podcast – WP Builds – another great resource in the WP universe, and often featuring a dude called Taco from Yoast. I’m a new listener, but have been finding it one of the perfect ways to keep up with ongoing developments with their regular in-depth shows. Here’s their site – or just search your favourite podcatcher for the show.