Navigation Block Example

New Menu Setup

You may have noticed that the WP 5.9 menu system has changed completely with the major move from the Gutenberg menu / navigation way of doing things using the new block-based approach. This is a completely new way to setup your menus.

Everything is easily contained within a Navigation Block.

It’s actually a great improvement, but initially it might seem a bit of a puzzle. In fact, it can feel like trying to nail jelly to a wall. I think that in many ways the new full site /template editing is so intuitive that it’s a bit obtuse at first. Over the years, it’s true that when great software undergoes a huge step-change improvement in features, opening up whole new ways of doing things that make life much simpler, it can be hard to leave the older ways behind.

Editing Is Easy

Here’s a good short quick-fire piece with one way to approach creating and placing a menu. As always with WP the initial steps are not that obvious at first, but once you find your way around, and master the sequences, the process and workflow gets much faster.

Master The Menu

Jamie Marsland‘s channel with regular bite-sized videos about Gutenberg is great too.

His presentation is very methodical and clear, and at a pace that allows you to follow along easily. Very well explained.

Below is a 15 minute guide on exactly how to get the most out of the new full site block editing methods to get your menus just as you want them.

Update Headache

It’s much easier than it seems at first – and as you can see in Jamie’s short presentation, you can easily import your old menu into the new full site editing setup, and then access it via the block editor. Or, alternatively you can very easily make a new or extra menu and control all the many element and options. It makes creating a menu (and adding it anywhere) a very easy and fast experience. Happy editing!