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Template Editing

New Block Styles

Under the hood, WordPress 4.9 uses the new block theme editor style. The whole WP engine works in quite a different way now (enqueing is different, templates are very different etc), and although this might be confusing at the start, it’s quite easy to get used to.

Easier To Customise

It’s certainly a powerful upgrade in the way the core WP engine works – one can create entirely new templates using child themes – for this site i’m using the new block-based 2022 theme. All customisation you see here is achieved using CSS added in the child theme.

WordPress 5.9 Field Guide


I’m not using any plugins for any aspect of this site’s appearance, but I will be getting into creating them!

I’m exploring the latest ‘Full Site Editing’ update (much of which is in beta) and I’ll be writing about it as I go and linking to helpful material that I find along the way – like this great article;

What we have now is a ‘Navigation Block’ – great explanation in the articles below. And where are all the panels on the left that we used to make menus and control aspects of fonts? Well, all that has gone, and you’ll be much happier with the new setup, I can almost guarantee it.