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JavaScript Object Notation – JSON – comes to WordPress!

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It’s a huge change, enabling deeper levels of control – defined here by the FSE website:

More on JSON in WP 5.9

Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough of the new .JSON situation. If you’re new to the .json file it won’t to be too hard to get to grips with. The way we controlled presentation before was using CSS direct (which you can still do) – this method allows CSS to be controlled via this new document – which is one reason people talk about the ‘end of themes’ with FSE.

Whatever your thoughts, FSE is still so new that most people really don’t know much about it yet.

I’ve been busy setting up cloudflare and getting my optimisation stats in order for all my sites and the all the procedural back end maintenance required to make everything fast and secure. But in the background, I’m assembling the next stages of my learning. This blog is partly a way for me to get all the materials I need in one place, and I can pre-load what I know I need to grapple with next – videos like this allow me to get my ducks in a row.

He drops some really useful links to code etc in the chat as well.

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Also referenced in the video:

.JSON & Classic