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WordPress 5.9

It’s a great pleasure to start a new blog using this new iteration of WordPress with all it’s new features. I’ll be using this as a place to write about ongoing WP topics as I move forwards with my own web development activities.

Many Changes!

2022 Theme

The new theme Twenty Twenty-Two which ships with WordPress 5.9 operates on a new and simpler set of principles using the block editor. As with any progress, it may mean that some of the more temporary solutions – like various page-builders – may become less needed as the core WordPress Gutenberg engine becomes more powerful.

Changes To the Menu

There have been some pretty radical changes to how you build menus – many aspects of what was the ‘customiser’ aren’t there anymore. However, adding a new menu and controlling it is actually far more powerful than before, and it’s easy to get it set up. You can also create secondary menus in templates, and you can build a versatile library of components you can use throughout the site.

Twenty Twenty Two Theme

A deeper look into the new full-site-editing enabled 2022 theme.